Why should you come to the event?

Why should you come?

There are some essential reasons why it is worth coming to the event:

  • Meeting is held at a historical place, where over 11 000 AN-2 planes were manufactured.
  • Program of the event provides a variety of attractions through all days of the meeting.
  • Members of the meeting have possibility to meet the owner of the AN-2 type certificate and to discuss recent operating issues of AN-2 planes.
  • As part of the event, members will visit Aviation Museum in Cracow, where they can get familiar with unique airplanes.
  • As part of the event, there will be unique plane presented: AN-2 100.
  • Special guests during the event are: Dmitrij Kiwa - many years' president of the Antonov Industries; Waldemar Miszkurka - the only man, who flew around the world with AN-2 plane.